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Massage Treatments

Your first treatment will include a 10-15 minute initial consultation which looks at your medical history and any current physical or emotional issues. Subsequent treatments will have only a brief consult to ascertain how you are on that day.
At the end of each session aftercare advice will be given which can help you work towards a pain and stress free life by considering lifestyle and postural adjustments which can support and nurture your body.
I offer a range of treatment options to suit your needs.
90 minutes:  Longer sessions for those who wish to extend their massage experience.                          

Zero Balancing Treatments

Zero balancing treatments always include a brief consultation.  Sessions generally last between 50-60 minutes. 
Treatments are done fully clothed and can be tailored to address any particular skeletal or joint issues.
Three sessions are recommended, though not required, for optimal positive benefit.
Time is always given at the end to integrate and rebalance before departing.
Zero Balancing Sessions                                                                                                                      
Concessions available for all treatments upon request dependant on location. 
Practice Location
I work from several locations.  I have a therapy room in the heart of Tewkesbury, Glocs and sessions can be organised in Upton upon Severn, Worcs
I also offer a mobile massage option for an extra cost of £5 within a ten mile radius.
30 minutes:  An option for those who need brief and regular follow-up treatment.  Select locations.        
Four Hands Massage:  A unique opportunity to experience massage through the hands of TWO practitioners. Working together with an equally skilled massage therapist, we can offer a truly full-body massage.  All treatments are 60 minutes.                                                      
Massage for Children:  As mother to a lively 6 year old I have seen firsthand how beneficial massage can be.  Useful for digestive, sleep, hyperactivity or anxiety issues.  Also valuable for sports injuries or physical developmental therapy. Treatments are short and tailored to each child, with clear parental input and support, and last between 10-30 minutes.                                                                              
Unique Treatment Options
60 minutes:  An hour of time to release the physical, mental and emotional strains of life.                    
massage for children
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