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Working with Children
Ultimately what is more important than our children?
We think of children as very resilient, and they are, but also incredibly sensitive and prone to absorbing their experiences on a very deep level.
Children of all ages, ranging from babies until teenagers, can be helped by bodywork.  Working with children can not only be immediately beneficial in the sense that it can shift them into a better state physically and emotionally, but it also sets them up for a lifelong awareness and receptivity to dealing with any issues that may arise in their life by way of active engagement.  
Bodywork is a powerful force for change and the earlier we train our bodies and minds to find ways to relax and rebalance the greater the potential for long-lasting progress.
Working with children needs to be very specific in the sense that each child will have a different capacity for length and depth of a session.  In that way there can be no defined treatment plan, rather it must be developed individually to meet the needs of each child.
Some of the issues that can be addressed via massage or zero balancing include:
  • Anxiety
  • Depression/Low emotional states
  • School worries and stress
  • ADHD
  • Constipation/digestive issues
Emotional benefits
  • Release of mental tension and strain
  • Calming of racing minds/anxiety
  • Time out from busy schedules
  • Improved concentration/memory
  • Greater ability to settle
Physical benefits
  • Relaxation of often used muscles 
  • Rehabilitation after injury/break
  • Bringing awareness of body at young age
  • Maintaining good flexibility for life
  • Improved sleep and ability to settle
  • Strengthened immune system to help against illness
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